Utah’s First State Flag, 1 of a kind. ca 1847

The objects, art works, and artifacts in the care of our department aren't simply collections of stuff. Every piece cradled in a corrugated box reminds us of our roots, whether a whisper in time or a catastrophic event.

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Every state has a rich history, and Utah is no exception

The collections held in trust by the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts are a treasure trove of manuscripts, rare books, historical artifacts, photographs, paintings, sculpture, and folk art. Each object offers insights into understanding and celebrating Utah’s people, places, and cultures. 

For nearly four decades, our state’s collections have been warehoused in the basement of the Rio Grande Depot and Art Haus with physical and environmental conditions that limit the ability of an entire generation of state employees to properly collect, preserve, and share the collections. Consequently, the public has not had the opportunity to benefit from them. Collections in both buildings face daily threats because of inadequate environmental controls, deteriorated building systems, and destructive natural processes. 


Philo Farnsworth Multipactor Tube, 1 of 110

Hopi Kachina — Shalako Mana Earl Denet, 2001

We Envision A Facility Specially Designed For Preservation

In collaboration with state and community partners, Heritage & Arts has a solution that builds on the growing opportunities of the Rio Grande neighborhood in downtown Salt Lake City. We propose a State of Utah Artifact & Art Center. 

The preferred site for the Artifact & Art Center is currently occupied by the Road Home shelter on the corner of 200 S and Rio Grande. This proposed facility is envisioned as a multiple-use public building with indoor and outdoor spaces. The facility will activate the surrounding neighborhood with a public outdoor plaza, provide a teaching space for those interested in learning about preservation, museum practices and the like, and will have an area in which will display our state’s treasures.

Protect. Preserve. Participate.

Explore the stories behind some of the cherished objects, and become one of many Utahns who agree that the preservation of our treasures is a priority.

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