Salt Lake
West Side Stories

A Blog Series about the History of Salt Lake's West Side

| by Brad Westwood and the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts

The past is never simple but it is interesting. Salt Lake West Side Stories is a blog series that uncovers the history of Salt Lake City’s original West side. Join us weekly as we recount the history of the west side's ancient inhabitants, post-Colonial Native Americans, and a cavalcade of immigrants who worked, lived, played and died there.

Blog posts will feature stories that discuss a number of topics including public health, contested spaces, hotels, brothels, mutual aid societies, topography, the impact of railroads, industry and freeways, and how Salt Lake City’s West side served as the city's first industrial and international district, and served as a hub of city life for over 180 years.

Written by Brad Westwood (with a lot of help from his friends), the senior public historian for the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts, Salt Lake West Side Stories is a blog series with posts that highlight the history of Salt Lake's diverse west side. Join us each week for a new post that uncovers another layer of Salt Lake's original West side (North Temple to 600 South and the 1-15 Freeway corridor to West Temple).

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Post 1     Introduction

Post 2     Pioneer Park Neighborhood Boundaries

Post 3     Eight Themes Offered

Post 4     Pre-European Settlement, Crossroads and the Idea of Home

Post 5     From Pioneer Vanguard to Pioneer Fort

Post 6     The First and Second Year of the Fort at the Salt Lake

Post 7     The Legacy of Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Fort

Post 8     Overland Travelers, Early Visitors and the Coming of the Railroad

Post 9     The Neighborhood and Utah’s Expanding Railroads

Post 10   The Early Industrial City & the Beginnings of the Relief Society Halls

Post 11   The Warehouse District and the Visit of the Liberty Bell

Post 12   Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Center Developments

Post 13    One of America’s Dirtiest Cities

Post 14   The West Side, Public Health and the Only Surviving Pioneer Square

Post 15   The Progressive Era, The Making of a Proper Park and the Stockade

Post 16   Proposed Uses of the Park & Urban Review

Post 17   Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Neighborhood Development

Post 18   The Wellsprings of Modern Salt Lake City

Post 19   Brokers of Human Capital

Post 20   The Importance of Benevolent & Mutual Aid Organizations

Post 21    Overlapping Waves of Immigrant Communities

Post 22    British (Cornish, Irish, Etc.) & the Jewish American Community

Post 23    The Chinese American Community

Post 24    African Americans and Salt Lake's West Side

Post 25    African Americans and Salt Lake's West Side, Continued

Post 26    The Italians, Greek and Other East European Communities

Post 27    Japanese American Communities

Post 28    The Mexican American & Latino American Communities

Post 29    The Mexican American & Latino American Communities, Continued

Post 30    Pioneer Park: Its Amenities and Challenges

Post 31     3rd Quarter, 20th Century, Context for Change in the Neighborhood

Post 32    Salt Lake City’s LGBTQ+ Communities

Post 33    Current Challenges & Developments in the Post-Industrial Neighborhood

Post 34    Current Challenges & Developments, Continued