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Other things lost to time and history

Utah’s mythical lost gold

Since the Spanish colonized the Americas in the 16th century, stories have been told of riches of the New World (and for good reason and with tragic results for the sovereign and indigenous nations and tribes who once thrived across the Americas).

Northward, into the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin, similar lost treasure stories have echoed in myth and lore.

Most of Utah’s lost gold and treasure reporting, centers on early Spanish explorers and expeditions, interacting with and trafficking, as the stories go, with Indian laborers. How far did the Spaniards go into North America and Utah? See “Spanish historical presence, claimed territories, points of interest and expeditions in North America.” Utah most popular, outlandish and historically unsubstantiated Spanish gold story (nearly every region in Utah has one) is the Lost Rhoades Mine.

Some early Euro-American Utah settlers (and even some modern ones) have whispered stories of previously mined and buried treasure, or even precious metals moving about underground, ready to be found. If you want a distraction from your search query, you may enjoy knowing about Utah’s most well-known “Dream Mine.”